SATs and Test week.

All the children have worked extremely hard this week on their SATs and tests. They enjoyed a lovely time on the field this afternoon in the sunshine for the SATs party. Everyone had a great time playing, eating and chatting on the field. Take a look at the photos we took.

Please note, there is no homework this weekend, I thought the children needed a well deserved break. Homework will begin as normal next week.


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  1. Lucy Edgar says:

    Thanks for the weekend free of homework; that was appreciated by the children after a week of hard work. The post-SATs party sounded great fun!
    I’ve finally managed to open the documents using OpenOffice and it’s been interesting to read the well-balanced arguments on whether or not the Parthenon should be built.From the information given to me by the children, I think I agree that the money could be better spent by not building it (if I was a Greek living in the 5th century BC). Thanks for all the information!

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