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This week we have been busy writing our second diary entries – when the expedition leader had gone off to try and get help to rescue the stranded crewmen who were sheltering in a makeshift camp of upturned lifeboats and canvas.

Meanwhile we have been typing up and editing our first entry, so here are a few more of these.

Dear diary

Another boring day stuck inside our lonely, Icy prison. Outside the howling winter wind continues to batter our ship. We are still stuck in the ice cold pack ice held fast by the cruel, sharp fingers of ice. I fear the timbers are breaking or weakening as the days go by. However, I know that we will survive, Endurance is going to break free. It will break free won’t it?

Shackleton insists that we go out in groups to do stuff. Running around is nice and we take the dogs for walks -we also get some exercise – my dog is called Luna because she is as white as the Luna moon, and as beautiful. We also built dog loos – igloos for dogs where they can sleep – we built them out on the pack ice for all the dogs because with everyone inside it is too cramped for the dogs to be there to. I cut out blocks of ice by using our chainsaw.

After we built dog- loos we also set up cosy tents on the floe to give us some cover from the annoying, cold as ice wind while we are working out there on the floe. We normally take temperatures; counting or cataloguing the epic wildlife  – I spotted three seals today and a rare snowy owl – and we also measure and take temperatures of the howling freezing wind and record it.

While we are not outside we are stuck in the warm cosy ship (Endurance). Sometimes I just sit down and listen to the sounds around me; the laughing from downstairs; the creaking of timbers; and the hard pack ice outside. Most of the time we are playing rummy and telling funny, practical jokes. I managed today, after a massive attempt, to finally get my hands on the banjo. I wondered how old Jimmy managed to get it all the time. So today I went in his cabin, we are not meant to go in other people’s property/cabin but it was urgent I needed the banjo for once. I found it under his bed, no wonder he managed to get it all the time, and I rushed down the stairs and started a merry song. We stayed up till 12 today and I am lying here at 1 still writing.

As cold as ice as we are, I know that even if we do not make it through with Endurance we will survive. But I know that we will break free, sometimes it takes some time to move, pack ice. We also chat sometimes about what is happening back home and the war we left behind. I also wonder about the loved ones I left behind. I hope they are ok and are not dead. I am depending on my wife to make me some hot soup when I get home so it would be heart breaking if they are actually dead, but I believe they are alive and well.

Quickly Endurance break free from the lonely prison. Break free and we can carry on with our epic adventure. Endurance will break free won’t it? We will break free and carry on with this adventure, I know we will. It is only a matter of time, as I said, we will survive I know it in my heart.

By Hallam Wakeford

Dear diary

Today [super early]I took the scruffy dogs for a cold walk over the ice. After, I went to go and see the boss when I was stopped by Joe, “want a game of cards tonight I beat you I will win!” he said with a smug face.

“Ok,” I said, walking away quickly. We all know Joe cheats at cards, he said it himself.

When I came to the boss’s door I was stopped again [its getting annoying now] It was Jake!

He told me that the boss was busy so I went to go and get some food from the cook. As sung as a woolly bear I sang and ate my tummy filling meal, I had a smile on my face.

I didn’t bother to go and play cards with Joe, I know it’s a bit mean but last time he made a fool out of me! So instead I sat by the deck with my cigarette alone [I like being alone, it helps me think]

Well I am going to sleep I hope we get out of the ice so we can carry on with our ADVENTURE!!!


By Arwen Booty

Ice trap


Dear diary

Another day stuck in the ice. Bashing against the boat the wind howled fiercly. While the pack ice joins together it starts to get colder very quickly, it feels like an ice prison here.

We had to walk the dogs, it made everyone angry because they did not want to get frost bite. But they did walk the dogs anyway. I got bored very quickly as well as the others so we played poker (cards) we played music too and sang (it’s quite boring).

When we go to sleep its very annoying how cold it is so we wrap up warm. Ernest Shackleton keeps saying things that I don’t even understand. He told us that it won’t be long now, but things didn’t go as well as planed – the ice is beating us. And Endurance cannot get through the ice working together we are now sending work parties out. We all hope tomorrow will be the day we all go home. I don’t think so, the ice sparkles like twinkling stars. It’s a huge place. We’re all quite sad because we might never see our beloved family ever again but there will be a way to get home.

We all wonder what the future will bring. It’s an inhospitable land and we don’t like it one little bit. Break free Endurance, break free from the bitter cold ice, we all want to adventure around Antarctica.

By Bella Wright

Dear Diary

Many days on the ice. Our powering ship is losing the everlasting battle of wind and snow. We are safe and happy in the ship, the outside is a bone chilling wind. At the moment I am cleaning my fishing rod down below deck; it’s an icy wasteland out there. I’m feeling really optimistic, I have to hunt for our miniscule rations to keep them safe enough for each person to get a meal. We set up tents outside to store food for when a snowstorm comes. At the moment I’m playing the banjo (I’m good.)

Today was really bad, we were attacked by a polar bear. It destroyed our tents, but I caught it. Sadly I had to kill it (he just wanted food). We are all back on the boat now. We are all feeling great, the bear was so tasty. I ended up playing many games of darts. Before I went to bed I had to check the supplies one last time for stowaways.

Day 12 in the ice: we are running low on rations. Its winter so all the animals have hidden away so we are not able to hunt for food. I’m the fisherman, so I get fish through a small hole in the side of the boat. I only got 12 today, not enough for everyone but we don’t mind about it. Shackleton said we have to sleep fully clothed. The storm is battering the ship, but we are all hopeful that we will survive.

Sadly we are many miles from the war we left behind hoping our families are okay.

Our dangerously low rations just grew a bit, we found a seal to eat so we were full. When we are not on the ice white fields of ice we salvage wood and things from the flooded areas of Endurance: a once royal ship but now a desperate rusted wind whacked wooden box of rats.

As worried as a patient waiting for an amputation our minds are racing, we play cards to occupy our minds for an evening of hopefulness. We are all trying to stay happy and hopeful when we are eating thinking is this our last meal? Will we survive till tomorrow, we must, or die an icy death.

By Joe Startup


Maths work on Division Rules is Due Monday 13th February 2017.

Education City Due Wednesday 15th February 2017.

English writing – Show don’t tell – Due Friday 17th February 2017.

Also, please remember it is our Class Assembly on Wednesday 15th February at 9.15am, all parents are very welcome. The children will need their PE kits for this assembly.

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