Pizza making

In DT this term we have been testing, designing and making pizzas.

We taste tested a range of different pizzas, looking at appearance, smell and taste. We then looked at the eatwell plate and decided which food groups were included in a pizza and how we could add ingredients to make our own healthy pizza.

Based on this information, we then designed our own pizzas. Then we were able to make them and cook them in the cob oven.

After eating our pizzas, we evaluated them and decided what we would do differently next time. Here are some of our thoughts:

‘I thought my pizza was balanced out because it had protein and fat (pepperoni). It had vegetables (olives) and a bit of dairy (cheese).’ By Ewan Young.

‘My pizza had a lot of different food groups. The cheese was dairy and the tomato puree was fruit and veg. Also the dough was carbohydrates. For my toppings: the olives were fruit and veg, and the pepperoni was protein.’ By Mia Mavromatis.





We had a great time making and cooking our pizzas, here are some pictures of our finished pizzas. Leave us a comment to let us know what your favourite pizza topping is.

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  1. Miss Faulkner says:

    What a fun time we had making and cooking these yummy pizzas! And your faces in the photos show it too! I’m so glad you all enjoyed them. So impressed with the balanced toppings (I’m not sure that I would have managed to do it myself – I’m a bit of a cheese fiend!) Well done Birch Class 🙂

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