Commando Joe

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Today, we had our second Commando Joe session of the term. We had to make an assault course to keep us fit. Here is Phoebe Steer’s report about what we did and some pictures. We are always excited to have comments from parents, family and friends about our work so we look forward to hearing your comments.

Phoebe’s report

When we were doing Commando Joe it was super fun because we were making assault courses for other teams to help us get fit. You had to get it really hard or commando Andy and commando Jazz would come and knock it over. One of the groups made you carry a heavy bucket as you weaved in and out of the tricky obstacles. They had bamboo sticks that you had to step over, but whilst walking on a plank. One of the other amazing obstacles was where you had to balance a ball on the end of an oil can but it was not as easy as you would think because people would be throwing red balls at you. Last but not least the third group made you be blindfolded so that you could not see a thing. It was also very hard because you would have to step over things and you had to feel things to make sure you got it right. The group that did that were extremely clever because they managed to make a tunnel out of a tarpaulin and a piece of rope.

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