World Book Day

On World Book Day, each class did some creative English work about a particular nursery rhyme. Year 5 did ‘Ring a Ring a Roses’. First we learnt about where the poem came from, then we wrote a poem of our own about the common cold.

Here are some of our poems. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you liked about them.

Colds by Isaac Wakeford and Freddie Cokayne

Atchoo! Atchoo!

Bless You!

Runny, runny noses

A pocket full of tissues


Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze.

I really want to le at ease.

Can’t sleep

Counting sheep


Colds are the worst!!


Oh no! We’ve got a cold by Phoebe Steer and Leila Hopkins

Oh no! We’ve got a cold,

It’s not fun to be told.

Maybe, maybe, it might just go,

But for a while we need to know.


Coughing, spluttering is the way things go,

Maybe to make us feel better, we’ll ask Mum for a bow.

Waiting for the time to pass,

We sit and watch the waving grass.


Oh no! We’ve got a cold,

Waiting for the cold to be sold.

It’s not easy,

It makes me weasy.


Can’t get up, I’m feeling tired,

Soon, hopefully my brain will be inspired.

Sneezing, sniffing, makes me bored

Just think how I could play my chords.


Oh no! We’ve got a cold,

It’s not fun to be told.

Feeling down,

Got a frown.

Oh no! We’ve got a cold!


Cold by Joshua Roberts

Sneezing and sniffing

blowing your nose

having a cough

I’ve just had enough!


Headache and earache

I’m sweaty and blocked

got a sore throat

I just can’t cope!


Weasy and chesty

my feet really hurt

it’s hard to stand

I feel so bland!

I just don’t understand!!!


Common Cold by Biane DeGuzman and Amelie Leduc

Colds, colds oh I hate colds

Oh no, I don’t feel that bold.

My goodness, my goodness how many tissues I’ve had

My gosh i feel so bad.

Oh the moment my throat so sore.

Now I sound like a bore.


Coughing and coughing every single day.

Oh please, I can’t even say Hey.

Lying in bed, with this runny nose.

Don’t talk to me I think I’m gonna blow.


Common Cold by Holly Kail

Colds, Colds making me sneeze,

Colds, colds help me please!

Nothing is good, my throat’s so sore,

Having a cold is such a bore.

It’s really annoying how you can’t sleep.

Really you just want to weep.

My voice is gone, everything is bad,

Having a runny nose makes me sad.

Help, help I hate this cold,

Help, help I’m no longer bold!


Cold by Levi Murphy and Kian Shea

Runny runny noses,

I need some doses

A-tchoo! A-tchoo!

Give me them now.


My ears are down this time,

I can’t even hear the clock chime,

Pardon? Pardon?

What are you saying?


Now my head is spinning.

I’m really not winning,

Mummy, Mummy

Please come and help.


Mummy I’m ill

I really need a pill.

Bleugh, bleugh,

I told you so, I’ve got THE COLD!


Common Cold by Luke Boyes and Oliver Gosney.


Cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze, runny runny noses,

Off school, you lay in bed,

Maybe you are sneezing,

Maybe you are coughing,

Off football, lying on the sofa,

Now you can’t sleep.


Colds are the worst

On any day

Lying down in pain

Death is what you want.


Common Cold by Annaliese Clark and Marcia Gill

Colds are horrid

Open your mouth and cough

Mums make you drink hot broth

Magic fairies can’t stop it now

Oh dear, your cold has got worse

No person can stop the curse.


Cough cough, you need more broth

Oh cold, go away

Lets not meet another day

Deary me! You definitely need a tissue box

Sorry there is nothing I can do!


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