Another great, sunny week.

Hi Birch class, it was great to speak to so many of you and your parents today. I love finding out about all the great learning you’ve been doing. Both school work and other learning. It’s great to hear that some of you know how to cook a meal and load the washing machine!! Fantastic skills to learn.

Phoebe has sent me pictures of her work to make a new dinosaur, called Bubbleosaurus. Here they are:

Billy has been hard at work in the kitchen, making delicious looking pizza. Well done Billy.

Excellent work both of you. Please send me more pictures of what you have been up to and I’ll let everyone else know.

You will soon be able to ask questions and chat to me on Microsoft Teams, you should all have got a password today. I have put the next two weeks of learning on there too. Get your parents to help you get started on that and if you have probelms, e-mail me.

Looking forward to another great week of learning Birch Class, well done.

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