Spellings week commencing 30.01.2017

Here are the spellings for week commencing 30.01.2017:

Mrs Rorke and Mrs White’s groups:     programme,  pronunciation,  queue, recognise, recommend.

Mrs Davies and Miss Cole’s groups:  natural,  naughty,  notice,  occasion,  occasionally.

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Spelling week commencing 16.01.2017

Here are the group spellings for this week:

Mrs Rorke’s and Mrs White’s Group:  nuisance, occupy, occur, opportunity, parliament

Mrs Davies and Miss Coles’ Group:  interest, island, knowledge, learn, length


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New Year

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to all.

The children have already been working hard in lessons this term and are fully settled back into the new term. We will be posting about the work we have been doing shortly, but for now, here is some information about homework.

Year 5 Homework.

Education City Due Wednesday 18th January 2017.

English Homework Due Monday 16th January 2017. This is a selection of sentences and paragraphs of writing where the punctuation is missing. The children have to decide where the punctuation goes and rewrite the texts using correct punctuation. Your child should bring a copy of this home on Wednesday to do. In case they mislay it, it can be downloaded here:

punctuation homework blog

Any questions about the homework, please come and speak to either Mrs Rorke or Mrs White.

Thank you.


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Crime Scene

Mr Stanley was called to the music and drama room this morning at playtime. When he returned he was ashen-faced. This is what he saw:

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils were called to the music and drama room in their role as journalists to investigate the scene. Their findings today were as follows:

  • There was an outline of a person on the floor
  • Drumsticks were placed next to the hands
  • A snare drum had been pushed over
  • A music sheet on the floor was covered in blood (it turned out to be red paint)
  • The sheet music was Kashmir by Led Zeppelin
  • There were no other signs of damage in the room
  • Mr Staunton, the drumming teacher, was seen running up the concourse last Tuesday.
  • Mr Haycock was very angry at Mr Staunton for breaking the school rules.
  • Mr Haycock has been very moody recently.
  • Mr Staunton was seen leaving the school unhurt.

Initial theories are that Mr Haycock created this scene to send out a clear warning to Mr Staunton not to break the school rules. However, many of the young journalists think that Mr Haycock must have had some help. The additional suspects are:

  • Mrs Horrocks as paint was found on the scene and she is an art teacher
  • Mr Stanley as he is Mr Haycock’s friend and they are always talking together
  • Mrs Myers as she is a stickler for rules and will punish anyone who breaks them

Mr Haycock has consented to an interview tomorrow morning where the children will have an opportunity to have their questions answered.


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Indiana Jones

As part of our narrative unit in English we have been writing the opening of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. To get us started, we watched the first few minutes of the film, then planned our writing.

We were concentrating on putting prepositional phrases at the start of our sentences as well as using other words, such as verbs and similes to start sentences to vary our writing. Here are some examples of the children’s work.

Indiana Jones by Ben Boyle

Indiana Jones glanced across the gloomy, forgotten hallway at his loyal assistant, Santiago. He didn’t seem troubled at all. The slightly shorter, potbellied, dwarf- man tried to step forward, but Indiana stopped him. “What’s the matter, Senior,” said Santiago, “There’s nothing to fear here! We can just walk up to the glistening, golden Idol and take it! Right now!”  He tried to move forward again, but this time Indiana aggressively shoved him against the century old wall.

“That’s what scares me!” Indiana told him, fear blazing in his eyes. On top of a grimy, white marble pillar, the legendary golden Idol shone powerfully, as if to beckon them, to come to it. It looked like a Pharaoh on a royal throne- well, if you count a cold, moss covered pillar as a royal throne.


Yanking a torch off the wall, Indiana scraped away a patch of moss off the floor. Instantly, as Indiana pressed the torch against a stone on the floor, quicker than the speed of light, an arrow shot out of the wall, like a bullet coming out of a sniper rifle, but instead, coming out of a creepy face in the cold, mossy wall. A shiver went down Indiana’s spine, as the arrow embedded itself in the torch. “Hold this,” announced Indiana, holding out the torch.

“Whatever you say, Senior,” Santiago said, taking the torch. Stepping carefully, Indiana bounded over to the idol.  From his threadbare, leather satchel, Indiana took a drawstring bag, full of sand. Opening the bag, Indiana took a handful of golden grains, letting it trickle through his open fingers. Thinking that the bag was light enough, he prepared to swap the idol for the bag of sand. The whole world seemed to stand still…

Santiago was rubbing his hands, thinking about money. Swapping them over, Indiana swapped them. Breathing like a panther, he took off his dust covered, cowboy hat, readjusted it, and put it back on his head. The pillar that the idol was on began to sink; the cave began to collapse. Rocks fell from the ceiling and arrows shot out of the walls as he ran back to his assistant, who was desperately trying to swing across a  pit in the ground. As he landed, the branch broke, the branch that Indiana’s whip was attached to. Suddenly, the door began to close. “Throw me the whip!” Indiana pleaded.

“Throw me the idol first!” Santiago replied. The door was almost closed now. “Throw me the idol! No time to argue!” He repeated. So Indiana threw him the expensive, golden idol.

Indiana Jones by Maddy Kirby

Indiana stared into the dark, dank cave; the glittering, gold idol sparkling at the end of the mossy cave. His assistant (a greasy man with olive skin and hair as black as night), mumbled “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“That’s what scares me,” muttered Indiana.

Slowly he knelt down and scrapped the mud brown dirt off of a mossy rock to revel a deep crack at the edge of the rock. Carefully he butted the mossy rock with the end of his club like stick. With the sound like wind being sucked through a straw a silvery arrow shot out of a golden mask and with a thud like a stone being dropped in a lake the arrow embedded itself in to the thick wood. Indiana slowly and very carefully crept across to where the golden Idol sat like a king on a throne – well a mossy stone podium really. He pulled a leather satchel full of sand out of his pocket. Carefully, he tipped a hand full of sand onto the patted floor. Quickly, he switched the leather bag filled with gritty sand and the shimmering idol. He tipped his muddy, brown hat and started to strut back to his assistant. Suddenly the stone podium started to go down. Boulders crashed down. Skilfully Indiana dashed through the cave. “Throw me the idol,” cried his assistant.

“What!” Indiana yelled back.

“Throw me the idol and I’ll throw you the whip.”

He chucked the idol. “Adios,” and the assistant ducked out of the closing door…

Indiana Jones by Freddie Livingstone

Indiana and his assistant slowly entered into the dark and gloomy cave.

The assistant said “There’s nothing to fear here.”

“That’s what scares me,” Indiana said throwing the assistant to the mossy wall. Indiana got a big torch; he scraped the mud

and pushed down the stone. Suddenly an arrow shot out of the wall, hitting the edge of the torch. Indiana carefully tiptoed to the idol. He stared at the idol closely. He took a handful of sand out of his bag to make it the same weight as the idol. Then he switched the bag with the idol quickly. He shrugged his hat, slowly the bag of sand went down with the podium. Then the cave came crashing, Indiana ran back to the entrance, arrows flying everywhere. Fearlessly Indiana’s assistant swung across the gap with the whip. The wall began to close off. Indiana stupidly lobed the golden Idol to his assistant who escaped, leaving Indiana trapped.

Indiana Jones by Samir Hussain.

Indiana Jones ran into the gloomy dark cave looking through the deep rotten hallway. His friend, who looked very skinny, said unthoughtfully “There is nothing to be scared of.” Indiana replied, “That’s what I fear,” whilst pushing his assistant against the slimy, mucky wall. Grasping a wooden soggy torch he prodded about with the stick, finding a booby-trap and activating it. The arrow shot out like a rocket piercing the damp stick.

His assistant looked shocked; Indiana turned to him with a grin on his face. He whispered “Stay back!” Indiana carefully stepped through, moving towards the glittering golden idol, avoiding the traps. Pulling out a bag of sand from his long warn jacket shaking his fingers he quickly switched them over, turning back to his assistant. Suddenly they had the whole roof collapsing on top of them as he dodged the shooting arrows which were as sharp as a sharks tooth. Santiago quickly sprinted to the dull entrance, holding the lashing whip in happiness that they’ve got the glittering golden idol. “I need the whip,” yelled Indy!

“Only if you pass me the idol first. Come on, we don’t have time to argue.”

So Indiana lobed over the dazzling glimmering idol. “Now give me the whip!” Indiana yelled in disbelief that Santiago would abandon him.

Indiana Jones by Emilie James

Indiana Jones looked at the golden idol with greed in his face and his grubby assistant by his side.

“There is nothing to fear here,” said the grubby old man.

“That’s what scares me,” Indiana replied, with a shaky voice. Indiana scraped off a bit of lose dirt from the odd pavement slab, underneath the dirt there was a sharp start of a rock, Indiana placed the torch on to the trap and an arrow shot out of it. He passed the torch to his assistant. Indiana carefully tiptoed up to the golden shiny idol, making sure he didn’t step on any of the Booby trapped stepping stones.  He was trying to be as quick as a cheetah (trying not to step on any thorns). He had a bag of sand and tipped some out of it. Then he got ready to replace it, quickly he took the idol off and replaced it with the bag of sand. He rearranged his dusty old cowboy hat that he always wore. Arrows started to fire; the cave started to collapse. Indiana’s assistant found a long whip, he swung across the crack and said, “Adios,” and left Indiana all alone.

Indiana Jones by Ella Groves

Indiana looked down the long gloomy corridor behind him. When suddenly the grubby man said, “There is nothing to fear Indiana.”

“That’s what I’m scared of,” replied Indiana staring at the shiny idol. Suddenly he realised there was a stepping stone trap so he got a stone and placed it on the grubby trap and then an arrow shot out on to the rock, “Stay there,” shouted Indiana.

“OK,” replied the grubby man.

Suddenly Indiana started walking closer and closer and closer until he could not get any closer to the mossy golden shiny idol. Then he got a bag of heavy sand and pored some out so nobody would know he had swapped the sand with the idol.

And as soon as he turned round the stadium started to come down. Arrows, rocks and more started shooting out. “Pass me the idle,” said the grubby man.

“No, pass me the whip,” said Indiana. So they both passed the whip and the idol to each other.

“Leave me I will be fine,” shouted Indiana.

“OK,” said the grubby man. He just got out, leaving Indiana alone.

Half Term Homework.

Maths work on multiples and factors Due Tuesday 1st November 2016.

English – write an alternative start to a favourite story. Due Tuesday 1st November 2016.

Education City Due Friday 4th November 2016.

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Sponsored Walk

Friday saw everyone out on the field once again for our annual sponsored walk.

Birch class set off in good spirits and had a fantastic time speeding round the 5km route around the school and field.

Here are some of the pictures the children took as they went around.

I will sign the children’s sponsor forms and give them back to them on Monday, please can they then collect the money in and bring it back to school (thank you to the families who have already sent in the money). Leave us a comment and tell us what you enjoyed about the sponsored walk.


Education City is due on Tuesday 18th October 2016.

Maths work on multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10 is due on Monday 17th October 2016.

English sheet on clauses is due on Tuesday 18th October 2016.

Thank you all for your continued support with helping the children with their reading, spellings and tables. All of these should be done regularly at home.

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This week we started our Science topic of Electricity. We worked in groups to make a number of different circuits. We looked at how a circuit needs to be complete to work; how we could make a switch to switch a bulb on and off; what effects over loading the circuit had; what happened when more batteries were added to a circuit.

Pictures of the children doing this will be posted later on when I am back in school.


Education City is set and is due on Friday 7th October.

Maths will be set on Monday 3rd October, to be back in school by Monday 10th October.

English will be set on Wednesday 5th October, to be back in school by Monday 10th October.

Spellings need to be learnt daily and all children should be reading with an adult at least three times a week and discussing the book.

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Countries Fortnight

We have been developing our own countries over the past two weeks. We have had to do a lot of working in groups, discussing our ideas and listening to each other. We started by looking at the British Values and deciding which of these were important to our countries.

We then went on to look at things such as: climate; map of the country; native animals and plants; our national anthem. We also made up a national dance and thought about the history of our country.

Here are the PowerPoints we made, showing just a small part of our country.

Green table

Red table

Orange table

Blue table

Yellow table

Please talk to your children about their countries and leave us a comment about our work.


Please make sure the children are learning their weekly spellings (Unfortunately there was no time for the test on Friday, so it will be on Monday). Also they need to be reading to an adult at least three times a week – please record this on the reading record card they have in their reading book.

Thank you for your continued support.

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Internet Safety

This week during ICT we have been using the Childnet International web site to find out about safety on the internet. Kara and the Smart crew have been telling us all about keeping safe on the internet. You can view the site here: http://www.childnet.com/resources/the-adventures-of-kara-winston-and-the-smart-crew and discuss what they have been learning.

The children then used a template recipe on publisher to create a recipe of how to be safe on the internet. Here are a few examples of their work.

Kelvin and Kye’s recipe

Jack and Aidan’s recipe

Emilie and Eloise’s recipe


I did set the children Education City homework on Friday, and then found out from Mr Stanley that the classes will not have been moved into their new groups until Monday of next week, so this has not yet been set. Please keep an eye out in your child’s homework diary for when this has been set.


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Class spellings for this week are: accommodate, accompany, according, achieve and aggressive. The children also have up to five personal spellings taken from their writing. They will have a look, say, cover, write, check sheet in a folder to bring home and learn these over the week.

The test will be on Friday.


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